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As a lifelong athlete and dancer, I have always had an intuitive sense that movement is essential for an individual’s well-being.
Observing my peers struggle with poor coping mechanisms during adolescence, and experiencing my own personal struggles with anxiety, eating disorders, and depression, led me down a path to discover what individuals were lacking. Through years of clinical experience, along with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia and a National Academy of Sports Medicine certification, I equipped myself with all the necessary tools to assist individuals who struggle with overcoming mental health issues that complicate their motivation for physical fitness. I aim to teach these integrative mental health and physical fitness principles through the programs I offer. My goal is to help people develop better coping mechanisms, restructure their negative thought patterns, and build a healthy lifestyle centered around a fitness regimen that supports their goals and well-being.
My passion for dance began when I was a child, and through experimenting with various styles, I found a true affinity for Oriental dance (belly dance) when I first auditioned and joined the Rutgers Bellydance Troupe at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2009. For many years, I taught and trained simultaneously, honing my skills with prominent figures in the oriental dance world, such as Mohamed Shahin and Nourhane Sharif.
I have been performing professionally throughout the New York metropolitan area at various popular restaurants and clubs, as well as at several private events. While in New York, I learned and refined my skills with fire fans and fire eating props under the tutelage of Claire De Luxe and Flambeaux Fire, beginning in 2016. I have been living in Belgium for almost two years, and I have already performed at popular venues across the country such as Oliban and Imperial Premium Bar in Brussels, and at festivals such as the Gentse Feesten Mardi Gras stage. I combine my unique oriental dance and fire artistry in my performances. I am looking forward to future collaborations with artists and special event organizers here in Belgium and internationally.

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